[VIDEO] Loneliness (~13Mins)

Published on Mar 3, 20192 min read18 views

The fine folks of Kurzgesagt have outdone themselves with their latest video - Loneliness. Kurzgesagt is a super informative Youtube channel that discusses one very deeply research topic each week with smooth animation. Obviously, I recommend one checks out their entire list of videos. Trust me you'll definitely learn something new from each episode.

Loneliness and Depression is getting more rampant by the day affecting some of the people closest to us. With technology isolating us from each other, I will not be surprised if depression is one of the leading reasons for deaths. Already, more than 60% of deaths in India are due to non-communicable diseases with depression that gets worse.

The Kurzgesagt video goes on to explain in great detail who gets affected by loneliness, why it happens, what are the symptoms, what can one do to reverse the effects, how can we as a society help someone afflicted by it among other things. What's crucially important though is how the video does all of this in the most responsible manner.

Honestly, I've not come across a more important video to watch. A few of my friends and close family have been affected by depression and I've not known better how to deal with the situation. That's why I recommend it.

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