Investment themes for the next 10 years

Published on Aug 19, 20203 min read22 views

This post was supposed to be published in January, the start of this decade. While I jotted down some of the below investment sectors the others were added during the next 6 months. Cheated just a little bit.

So excited for this new decade and the potential it brings. Especially since technology is becoming an increasing part of our lives. As I call it - the intersection of technology and reality.

The past decade has been nothing short of a rocketship in terms of startups, innovation, technology adoption among other things. And precisely for that reason, I'm long, bullish and every other adjective, on the next decade. There are more people taking the proverbial plunge in entrepreneurship, each one bringing their own flavour and thought process.

As a person evaluating investment opportunities from a 30,000 feet level, I'm excited about investing in a few areas over the next decade. Over this next decade I also want to lower my vantage point to 500 feet and increase my value add to a founder.

Mentioned below are some sectors that I'm excited about and hopefully will be investing in over the next decade. I will not be surprised if I end up backing radically different business. Hoping to use this as a guiding principle.


- New age stock exchange
- Quant friendly AMC
- Insurance company
- Banking
- Lending
- debt collections
- consumer asset leasing


- Last mile logistics
- ports, aggregation
- retail distribution


- Plant based foods
- Consumer packaged brands

Internet of Things / Hardware

- Smart home devices
- Wearables


- health care + delivery
- genomics / preventive health


- Rental fashion


- Influencer commerce tools
- Live stream commerce tools
- Omni channel commerce
- Logistics optimisations
- Regulatory compliance
- SME tools


- Game streaming


- Imaging technologies
- Satellite technologies

Let me know what you think of these sectors? Are there other sectors you would invest in? Is there something from this list you're thinking about working on? Let me know. I'm at [email protected]

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