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Published on Jan 4, 20162 min read29 views


Hello World!

This will be my home to document my two cents on topics that I feel strongly about. Some of those topics are Travel, Music, Web Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Astro-photography, Photography, Design, DIY Hobby Projects (Raspberry Pi types), Astronomy and Conceptual Algorithms.

Why I'm going to maintain this blog:

  1. Very forgetful - I tend to have a terrible memory with my ideas. This blog should (hopefully) help me remember my Ideas, document my brain pickings and be more organized
  2. Terrible at Writing - As you've probably already figured out, my "style" of writing sucks, to say the least. This blog is an attempt to improve my writing and hopefully find my unique style of writing
  3. Keep Learning - I love learning, reading researching. I often find myself lost in research and learning. This Blog will help me summarise what I've learned while helping me retain what I've learned
  4. My Brain in One Place - Well, not technically but that's what I aim to do over the coming months and years. See how my thought process has developed or declined over the years. All my brain pickings in one place, properly documented.

Hope you enjoy reading. Would love to hear your thoughts on how I could improve - my writing, my post structures, my research etc. Any comments, always welcome. Just don't be a dick about it.


Note: All blogs posts till 2022 were migrated to this platform (react+next+tailwind). While all efforts were made to migrate wihtout any loss, the migration lost some images and broke a bunch of links in old posts. If you spot anything amiss, please notify me?