Founder Feedback - 2019

Published on Dec 23, 20192 min read20 views

In any given year, I interact with at least a thousand founders most of whom pitch to me. The founders go through a lot of preparation and iterations to perfect that pitch - besides running their business. I don't want to be an ass to the Founder - or at least I attempt to be courteous to them.

Some conscious efforts I make to respect their time and effort are 1. respond to every single text / call / LinkedIn message / email / tweet etc. (I actually do, especially if it's not from a reference), 2. be transparent about my evaluation process and where I'm at with it, 3. give genuine feedback when I decline a company. Unfortunately, I'm not competent to advise a founder on how she should run her business.

However, there are times when I drop the ball and I want to reduce frequency of that occurring.

In an attempt to keep improving myself professionally, I'm publishing an annonymous feedback form. If you're a founder that reached out to me in this year, I request you to fill this up. It will take less than 2 mins of your time but will be invaluable to me in my growth. It's completely anonymous - I;m not secretly collecting any IP/Location data in the background.

Feel free - be as honest and productive as you can.

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This feedback form is inspired from Hemant Mohapatra's 360 Feedback Form. Hemant is a Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, India.

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