Favourite Quotes

Published on Jun 5, 20232 min read14 views

Living document of all my favourite quotes.

  1. I work out and keep myself healthy because I want my worst day to be better than someone else' best day. - Daniel Ek's neighbour Source
  2. The only disability in life is bad attitude - Scott Hamilton
  3. There is no historical precedent where you get all of these beneficial things (technological innovations) by starting from pessimism first. Pessimism doesn't get you to optimistic outcomes - Kevin Scott, CTO Microsoft Source
  4. Whatever the percentages, it’s (entrepreneurship) still the best system on Earth. I respect anyone who grinds hard for years to make useful products & services, even if it doesn’t work out in the end. - Elon Musk Source
  5. What's the point in telling everyone all that you know? It's a lot more fun to learn about things that you don't know. - Charlie Munger Source
  6. If you actually have to choose between the most experienced person, the most educated person or the person who actually wants it the most, you always pick the person who wants it the most. - Joshua Kushner, Founder, Thrive Capital Source
  7. Trust = competence + intent + consistency - attributed to Doug Leone Source
  8. Performance is something that we will give more time; behavior we won’t. And that’s because behavior is a choice, not a skill set. - Frank Slootman Source
  9. Culture is not a set of beliefs. It’s a set of actions. - Ben Horrowitz Source
  10. We don't make change, motherfucker! - Ben Horrowitz (to Jorge Conde on paying when late for meetings) Source

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