BVP Released Internal Investment Memos

Published on Sep 10, 20201 min read27 views

Bessemer Venture Partners released their internal Investment Memos on Series A investment in Shopify, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twilio Inc. and others.

For the uninformed, an Investment Memo is an internal document proposing an investment with the deal team's analysis and why they feel it's a winning investment.

BVP's own estimates stated that the best outcome for Shopify will be a valuation of USD 400 mn with a 3% probability of achieving it. Today, Shopify is valued at USD 115 bn!

Seems, even the best investors are nowhere close to getting the outcome of their investment right. Best one can do is make a calculated risk assessment, invest, add value where necessary and hope for the best.

There's a goldmine of information in these memos. Makes for a good weekend read.

BVP Investment Memos

Having written several investment memos myself, there's clearly a lot to learn from this goldmine of a release.


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