Blockchain 101: Visual Explanation of How Blockchain works (~18 Mins)

Published on Nov 3, 20171 min read21 views

I do not understand how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work. I've admitted this in the past. Have scoured the internet to get an easy to understand explanation of how it works. Have even read the original paper by Satoshi Nagamoto to understand the concept. But all of it was too complicated or written with unnecessary jargon or complex math. I did, however, over time, understand the concept of blockchain (distributed, peer to peer, no central trust authority etc.) but not how blockchain actually works.

All of that has changed. This video (link below) has helped me understand the fundamentals of blockchain. it visually explains the core concepts of the blockchain, how transactions are stored, how it's unhackable, how mining is done, why its a complex task etc. It's extremely simplified but it drives home the concept. If you're looking to learn more about blockchain, watch this 18 minute tutorial.



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