Before the Flood [1Hr 35Mins]

Published on Nov 6, 20162 min read19 views

Climate change is a very real problem that our generation ignores today but will be faced by our future generations. Our actions are setting the stage for an apocalyptic scenario of our dear planet. This apocalypse is only accelerated by our ignorance of the problem for short term profit. Just this year, 2016, our world has witnessed the hottest year in recorded history. In India as well, we've hit the highest recorded temperature ever of 51°C. Ever! We've even had a great rainfall this year. Great for some of us, catastrophic for most of us in India. 11 States out of 29 were officially declared Flood-hit.

This documentary by Leonardo DiCaprio beautifully articulates the problem. We all have to take notice and take conscious steps towards reducing our carbon footprint. We are the solution. Whether or not Leo is worthy to be a UN Messenger of Peace may be questionable. The man sure seems concerned and that's all that matters to get people to notice the problem .


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