My Portfolio That Wasnt

Published on Dec 3, 20172 min read21 views

In Venture Capital, valuable companies are hard to come by. You've probably heard this far too often.If not, here's a neat post explaining the math on why 95% of Venture Capital firms fail. No one can predict valuable companies at early stages. Venture capital has become about spreading your (investment) net far and wide to catch these few valuable ones along the way. It's true, hindsight vision is 20/20 - early investors of successful companies are highly regarded. Albeit, in retrospect.

There are far too many average companies and too few valuable ones. On an average I personally evaluate over 700 investment opportunities a year. Of those, I've had the privilege of evaluating, in my opinion, a few such valuable companies. Time will tell whether they truly are business that are highly valued for scale, consumer loyalty or any other metric. I believe, these companies will be truly successful and I have missed the opportunity of partnering with them in that journey.

Here's My Portfolio That Wasn't:

[to be updated]

This post is in no way complete. Will be updated regularly for valuable companies I've been unable to back.


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